• Current exhibition

    Aleksandr Kutovoy
    Pour into Things

    11 Apr - 10 May 2017
    «Pour into things» project by Aleksandr Kutovoy consists of two parts which are in visual and semantic tension. Huge painting of hippos on tarpaulin banner on the walls; in exhibition space – ceramic and bronze sculptures-statuettes seemingly stuck in thoroughness of monumental objects and statuettes-vases displayed on console tables.
  • Current exhibition

    Egor Koshelev
    Palazzo Koshelev

    14 Apr - 14 May 2017
    The main theme of the works presented in the Palazzo Koshelev exposition is the discussion of the artist with his alter ego – «a great master», who is trying to determine the era and to gain eternal glory. The exhibition space will be presented in the form of a palace, a treasury of art, a palazzo with golden walls, in the corridors of which the spectator can find all those stylistic paradoxes, riddles and adventures that the modern Russian painter is capable of creating.